Our Core Values

We believe:

Student Centered

• Our students are at the center of the work we do.

• With effective effort from staff and students, all students can learn.

Partner with Families and Community

• We believe in reaching out to and partnering with families and community members to help our students succeed in school.

• Staff and students partner with families and community members to create an inclusive learning environment.


• We foster collaborative learning to develop social, emotional and academic relationships well beyond the classroom.

• We invest in continuous collaboration among the staff to improve our professional teaching practice.


• We value diversity and equity. We commit to cultivating an inclusive learning environment in which all of us strive to understand and respect differences of cultures, backgrounds, thoughts and perspectives.

• We are responsive to the cultural and academic needs of all students so they can access their education with dignity and achieve at high levels.

• We are all practitioners of dignity. Dignity means being worthy of respect.


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