01/2020 PTO Minutes

01/2020 PTO Minutes

01/14/2020 McCornack Library PTO General meeting.

In attendance: Lynn Kane Londa Rochholtz Jennifer Heuett Aaron Friesen Jeff Farr Bryan Kane Amy Thomas Maren LaRoche Reina Carcamo Alice Lin Patricia Astorga Heather Friesen Jeff Thomas Grant Thomas Sequoia Weldon Jen Davis Dana Brummet Judy Davies Ellen Cabeza Jon Roesler

Lynn began the meeting at 6:38. PTO calendars are available on the tables with upcoming events.

This Friday is the parent coffee at 8:30 in the library. More restaurant fundraisers are planned in the next couple of months.

April will be the talent show so kids can start practicing.

The carnival is in June and we need lots of help. Donations should start to be solicited from local businesses. We are looking for class parents from each grade to adopt and run a game for the carnival. The parent would be responsible for making sure the game is staffed throughout the carnival.

Maren – popcorn update: Popcorn Fridays are lots of work and take lots of time. The kids love it. It does not generate any significant profit. A flyer describing the changes planned for popcorn Friday will be sent out. The changes are: a hard limit to no more than three bags per kid and popcorn money will be collected two days in advance of the popcorn day. The cost will remain $0.25 per bag and/or 5 boxtops.

Aaron – financial update: 2 The Ways and Means meeting authorized approximately $19,000 in spending for various school programs and materials. Cookie Dough fundraiser raised $1400 and the Winterfest bazaar raised $600. Bottle drop fundraiser will be year round and the blue bags are available in the office.

Judy Davies presentation on Literacy and reading aloud. Tips : be animated; read 15 – 30 minutes per night to your child through at least 5th grade; let the child read whatever they are interested in and use the read aloud time to introduce them to different types of books or subjects; discuss situations and the story of the books you read with your child.

Londa update – Londa provided a gratitude campaign re-cap. Another gratitude campaign is scheduled for February and then again later in the spring.

School Choice has started with the first tour tonight and tours will continue throughout the month.

Staffing for next year will be decided on February 19.

Current class sizes range from 22 (x4) to 29. Londa is retiring at the end of the school year.

Thank you for your time at McCornack!!! Meeting adjourned 7:40.

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