McCornack Mason Bee Project

The McCornack Bee Project!

September: Larva Return!


This September bring your larva to McCornack Elementary where our fourth graders will clean and prepare larva for resale next spring. For your support, we will issue you a certificate for a free box of bees you may redeem at McCornack. Your support of our school’s bee project has helped to develop our school garden as well as provide hands on science, health, math, and interpersonal skills development opportunity for our students.

Our Bee Houses make excellent gifts! They can be purchased through Down To Earth or our school’s office. Look for them to be available this October.

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McCornack Mason Bee Project sells three types of houses and each house is an original masterpiece — designed, painted, and signed by third grade artists. Each bee house has an attic with a removable door and a place for a packet of bee cocoons. Place the packets in the attic when you have plants beginning to bloom in your neighborhood. When the bees hatch, they will fly out through the hole in the door. The life cycle of the mason bee is very short. They hatch out in late February/early March and are usually gone by mid-June. You will notice your straws or teasels filling up during this time. If you have a clean house, you can expect your bee population to double each year giving your flowers, fruit trees and vegetables a really solid start. Mason bees work in colder temperatures and seek out many more flowers than their honey bee cousins.

Return your house to McCornack Elementary in September and the 4th graders will clean your house and install new straws or teasels.  The biggest danger of keeping mason bees is that the house will become infested with tiny mites. Your colony will fail within 2 to 3 years if infested with mites. It would be more humane to the bees to let us do your yearly cleaning and maintenance. Students will remove the bee larvae and clean them and prepare them for sale at local garden shops. This is the main source of funding for our Mason Bee Project and the school gardens. You will receive a certificate for a packet of 10 bees redeemable in the spring. All for FREE.

bee10Purchase and register!

To purchase a bee house from McCornack Elementary, contact us at A representative will contact you and take your order for your bee house. Checks/cash only accepted at this time. To register your bee house, go to: Registration allows us an opportunity to send you up to date information and reminders regarding our McCornack Bee Project.



Click here for our downloadable Mason Bee Information Sheet.