Student Showcase

Andrew cover title

To visit Andrew Friesen's presentation on atoms, click here.

Avalene title cover

To see Avalene Hickey's presentation on kiwi fruits, click here.


To see Brandon Sanchez Jiminez's Google slideshow presentation on Mars, click here.


To visit Zac Schmidt's presentation on the possibility of life on other plants, click here.

To see Tienna Etzkorn's presentation on Titanic artifacts, click here.


To see Audrey Durham's presentation on reincarnation, click here.


To visit Noly Chouinard's presentation on stars, click here.


To visit Diviny Trudell's presentation on Japanese anime, click here.

violet cover

To visit Violet Worth's Google slideshow on Lyrical Dance, click here.


To visit Emily Murillo's Powtoon presentation on lionfish, click here.


To visit Lilia Orr's Google presentation on the fishing cat, click here.

To visit Traycie Wright's iMovie presentation on Franklin Delano Roosevelt, click here.


To watch our kindergarten claymation videos, click here.

1st grade

To watch our 1st grade claymation videos, click here.

2nd grade

To watch our 2nd grade claymation videos, click here.

3rd grade

To watch our 3rd grade claymation videos, click here.

4th grade

To watch our 4th grade claymation videos, click here.

5th grade

To watch our 5th grade claymation videos, click here.

To visit Ava Neal and Eve Sarver's website about climate change in South Africa, click here.

To see Destiny De-Galvan's slideshow about giraffes, click here.

To view Dahlia LaRoche's Google slideshow on pufferfish , click here.

To visit Ethan Turnwald's website about zebras, click here.

To view Ian Knick's and Maile Tsuchiya's slideshow about the drought in Kenya, click here.

To visit Sampson French and Bridgette Chase's website about the African elephant, click here.

To view Mason Wilson's slideshow on dolphins , click here.

To visit Jairus Riggen's website about mandrills, click here.


To visit Jordan Rogers' website about the Fukushima Nuclear Meltdown and its impact on the Pacific Ocean, click here.


To watch Mason Rimbey's video on coral reefs , click here.


To see Alex Zarate's slideshow about rainforests, click here.

To visit Christopher Astorga-Toldeo's website about the impact of dead zones on the world's oceans, click here.


To watch Hope Squires and Arielle Shupak's video on overfishing , click here.

To view Miranda Marquez Curiel's Keynote slideshow on the history of Mexico , click here.

To watch Ella Ngo's video about dying coral reefs, click here.

coral reef

To watch Kaylee Thomas' slideshow on coral reefs , click here.

To view Kate Pincock's Google slideshow on dolphins , click here.


To watch Gregory Campbell's slideshow about sharking finning, click here.

To watch Sebastian Campbell' slideshow on coral reefs , click here.

To view Kaevin Shupak's Keynote slideshow on dolphins , click here.

To view T.J. Wright's slideshow on dolphins , click here.

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