spring flowersDear McCornack families,

I am glad Spring is here!  Thank you to families who are helping keep our busy start and end of school days safe for our students.  Here are a few reminders to those of you who drive to school:

1.  Please be patient with other drivers and keep an eye out for students, who are sometimes unpredictable and may walk in front of your car without warning.

2.  Please do not use your cell phone while moving in our parking lot.

3.  The bus lane is for buses when they are on-site. If you don’t see the buses or the barriers have been moved, feel free to come on up to the bus area.  Please pull all the way forward.

Curbside Guidelines

1.  In the mornings, students may be dropped off along the curb all the way around the front unless buses are unloading.

2.  Drivers must remain in their cars at all times.  (If you need to come in for a nanosecond, then please pull all the way        forward to the left).

3.  Drivers should pull forward as space becomes available.

4.  Drivers should NOT stop in marked crosswalk areas.

5.  When getting in or out of a car, students must use the door on the sidewalk side. Students should never get in or out       of a car on the driver’s side. It’s unsafe for the student and it slows traffic.

6.  Drivers must remember to ALWAYS yield at the painted crosswalks and sidewalks.

Parking Lot Guidelines

The parking lot is for families who want to walk their students into the building during arrival or who wish to meet their students at the main entrance at the end of the day for dismissal. Please note the following rules for the parking lot are:

Ι ONLY cross the driveway area using the crosswalk. Students and families should never cut across the driveway.

Ι Before using the crosswalk, students must stop and look for cars.

Londa Rochholz, Principal

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