Principal’s Post

Principal's Post

Dear McCornack Community,

As we end one calendar year and head into the next year, I want to tell you that I completely enjoy working in this community with our students, families, and staff.  We as a community are keeping children at the center of what we do.  That is a belief we can all align with.  How do we keep children at the center of what we do?

It takes team work, discussions, diving into areas of concern, and a lot of whimsical moments. I want to remind you how to reach me when you have a concern.

-- Call the front office at 541-790-5800 and schedule an appointment with me.
-- Email me at and ask to talk with me.

-- See Miss Cheryle in the front office to schedule an appointment.

-- Catch me out front before or after school to let me know you want to talk with me.

Have a safe, solid, and sweet winter,
Ms. Rochholz, Principal




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