Field Day!
Rainbow and Unicorn Day!
Rainbow and Unicorn Day!
Happy birthday McCornack!
2nd grade coast trip!
AVID Muralists!
Newsies Cast!
4th Graders in Salem with Governor Brown
United Way Book Giveaway
Pollen Pat Winners Hike!
Snail Science!
Family Night Strings in the Courtyard
Cheryle Konold, 4J Lifetime Achievement ACE Award!
Kindness Rocks!
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Please don't buy supplies!: In an effort to make your back to school experience easier and less expensive, you no longer need to buy school supplies for your student. Instead, we now have a $25.00 school supply fee for all students. Please make your check payable to McCornack Elementary and turn it in along with the rest of your back to school forms you'll receive in the fall.

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Our students need your help: Please consider donating to our school to help those students who cannot afford school supplies. Call our office at 541.790.5800 to make a donation today. Thank you!

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Principal's Post: Dear Families, We value you for who you are and for who you will become...



Online Book Fair

You can still purchase books through the online book fair until Oct 22. Click Here

Please get all your Jog-a-Thon pledges in by Friday, October 18

Family Fun Night
6:00-6:30 —teachers present in their classrooms;
6:30-7:00 light dinner in the cafeteria with prizes!

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